Monday, February 20, 2012

Woman Who Like Men Wearing Panties

My husband wears panties and I must say I adore him that way. I have to admit when I found out first I was not sure what to think, but the feeling of curiosity and kink was greater. My mind raced with the idea of him wearing my panties and our greatest sex adventures arose from the ashes. Men should do as they please regarding underwear. I do suggest sharing your love of panties with your woman from the very beginning as you may find that she may be like me and help take you to new levels of wearing panties. We went out yesterday and bought new sexy panties together and are looking forward to taking new pics of each other. We found a community a while back that others have also mentioned its its a place for guys wearing panties and we love it there, we have our own gallery there and love posting pics to our gallery and hanging around making new friends there. I see my husband in a new light now and would never ever change him.  So I say go for it guys....some of us ladies admire you and find it very very sexually exciting that you wear panties.

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