Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wife Likes That I Wear Panties

My wife likes that I wear panties, she buys me panties, we go panty shopping together, we talk about panties, we lounge around wearing panties, and we enjoy having fun while both wearing panties. My wife has even expressed she likes seeing other men wearing panties and hearing that was such a turn on. I am straight but I do find that I enjoy seeing other men wearing panties, and I have heard lots of straight men wearing panties expressing the same thing they like looking at pics of men wearing panties, chatting with men wearing panties, or reading about what other men wearing panties like. The attraction is the panties and not the man wearing the panties, so seeing another guy wearing panties is exciting as you think about wearing panties, you think about the panties he is wearing and what they would feel like on you and you know how good wearing panties feels. As mentioned hearing my wife say she likes seeing other men wearing panties was a turn on, and she also enjoys taking pictures of me wearing panties, we often visit that community others have mentioned together and its always such a turn on being on there, and we have posted so many pics there, and have made so many friends there. Its nice having a community we can go to and be around to many other men wearing panties, couples wearing panties that understand why wearing panties is so enjoyable and why so many men wear

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