Monday, February 20, 2012

Boyfriend Wearing Panties

I won a bet on a sports game with my boyfriend, we did not come up with things before the bet so I thought about it for a day or so. I came up with lots of things but wanted to make it a good one. A friend of mine said make him wear your panties to the mailbox to check the mail. I laughed and said perfect. So when I told my boyfriend he had to wear my panties to check the mailbox his jaw dropped. I went and picked out a pair of panties they were bright yellow nylon thong. I gave them to him and said here put them on. He squirmed a little bit but knew he lost the bet so he had to do it. He took off his pants and underwear and slipped them on right in front of me. I let him leave his shirt on which only came down to his waist and did not really cover any of the thong. He opened the door and walked to the mailbox, its about a 100 feet to the mailbox and walked back, it was about 4pm in the afternoon so plenty of people drove by. Seeing him walk to the mailbox in my thong had this effect on me I did not expect, I thought it would be funny but I felt turned on. Since then I have gotten him to wear my panties more and more. I love seeing him in my panties and I know he is taking a liking to them also.

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