Monday, February 20, 2012

Couple Likes Panties

One day my wife and I were folding up some clean laundry and I took a pair of her panties and jokingly put them over my head, with the crotch right in front of my mouth. She took one look at that and said "I thought you only did that with my dirty knickers." She asked me to take my briefs off and put her panties on and she put on my briefs. She asked if I liked the feeling of the silky nylon over my package. It was the first time I had ever worn womens undies. She didn't particularly like the feel of my tighty whities and took them off. She reached over and massaged my "package" thru her panties and asked me if I liked that feeling. We dropped the laundry on the floor, headed for the bed and did what we had been wanting to do all that morning. After I came in her, she took those knickers of hers and wiped up the leaking cum from her crotch and from my package. Then she put them over her face and licked my cum off them. We now do this on a regular basis during sex.

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