Monday, February 20, 2012

Giving Husband My Panties To Wear

My husband had a business trip. He just finished his morning shower and came out to put on his clothes. I was staring into his eyes and he smiled and said "something dirty on your mind?" i smiled back and said "i want to give you something to keep you thinking of me all day" and before he said anything i just removed my sheer panties which were wet because of the thoughts I was having and passed it to him saying "I want you to wear these to help remind you of me" I could see his erection getting bigger and I helped him slide into the panties, he was shocked and wished we had more time to enjoy this moment but I said "we will enjoy this many times when you get home" and I told him to make sure to enjoy my panties while he is gone. I love doing fun things like this with my husband.

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