Monday, February 20, 2012

I started wearing panties because my wife thought it was hot. So I started wearing panties for her during sex. I had to admit I liked the way her panties felt especially the silky ones. I like they way they hug my hips and how hot it makes me feel. I get hard just thinking about it. Some days I even wear them to work. My wife and I enjoy taking pictures of us having sex and my wife loves when we take pictures of us being naughty in our panties. We came across this community for men wearing panties and we started to post our pictures there, its great to have a place to post our pictures of us enjoying our panties so that others can enjoy them and we love turning others on who wear panties. Being able to wear with my wife and enjoy panty sex with her is an amazing thing I wish all men who wear panties can someday experience with there wife or girlfriend. 

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