Monday, February 20, 2012

Like Guys Into Panties

Panty play can be so fun. I had a boyfriend who wanted my panties after we had phone sex when we had to be apart. So, I would mail them to him at his office. He would pleasure himself in them and then mail them back to me. He loved to lick me and finger me through my sheer panties. Knowing he got aroused like that would in turn arouse me which would make my panties so wet. The next morning I would slip those panties into his briefcase under his work files. It was like getting a little love note. At least that is what he said.

But, we also love to shop together. Often times he would end up in the dressing room with me. There were many times that we'd end up making a purchase, especially panties. Once we enjoyed ourselves in the dressing room up against the full length mirror. He pushed a pair of thin sheer panties up into me and went looking for them with his tongue. Afterwards, he wrapped them around the head of his throbbing manhood and pleasured me again. We both came hard on those panties. Funny, I never got those back. He kept them!

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