Monday, February 20, 2012

Making Him Wear Panties

I remember when I was 19 my friend was staying over for the weekend and she brought her boyfriend over to hang out for a while. We were all talking about sexual things. The subject of panties came up. My friends boyfriend said how come girls wear panties that are made with different material than guys. He also said what do they feel like when you have them on? My friend whispered to me we should get him to try on our panties. I agreed and we got him to put them on in the bathroom and then show us. He came out of the bathroom wearing my friends panties first, a nice light blue thong and his dick was barley covered in the front and you could see he was getting hard. We both loved what we saw. He said it felt really good and he liked how he looked in them. He then went back in and put on a pair of my panties which were a string bikini style with a bit more coverage but by that time he was fully hard and his dick was poking out the top. He liked both of them and then we asked which one he liked better of course he picked his girlfriends thong, but I know he enjoyed both of our panties. My friend and I got so turned on and after he left we talked about it most of the night which did not help to cool us down as we got more turned on. We were not into doing anything sexual with each other but as turned on as we were that night we were both admitted the next day we had thoughts about at least masturbating with each other.

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