Monday, February 20, 2012

She Bought Me Panties

I started out taking my sisters panties when I was growing up then started taking my cousins panties because I couldn't go and buy them myself. Years ago when I was about 16 I told my best friend about my fetish and she would go and buy panties for me as long as she could see me in them first. I had a whole drawer full of panties thanks to her. Nothing sexual happened between us, she would just sit and watch me model the new panties she bought for me. I think it did turn her on, I know it did me as I was half hard or hard modeling the panties for her. We were close friends and did not really have any lust for one another as we were to good of friends. If it happened again now days who know might be totally different. So far she is the only girl who I have worn panties in front of, have not dated to much so have not had the opportunity to but I know there are women out there who do like guys wearing panties and I hope to find one.

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