Monday, February 20, 2012

Wearing Panties With Wife And Her Friend

You will find that most men who wear panties are heterosexual and most of them are married! I am a married guy who wears panties and I have a wife that enjoys that I wear panties. A friend of hers also enjoys that I wear panties and we often all get together, wearing panties in front of my wife is turn on enough but wearing in front of her and her friend is amazing. Sometimes it leads to sexual play and other times we are just lounging around, all of us in our panties, and yes that usually leads to sexual play if time is available which as turned on as we all get sitting around in our panties we usually make time for at least some type of play, touching or oral. Seeing my wife with her friend is such a turn on, they enjoy leaving there panties on when they play and I have always enjoyed seeing a woman in panties rather than naked, even during sex, I always preferred they leave there panties on, and seeing two women in front of me in panties WOW, and me in panties as well.

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