Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Girl That Likes Guys Wearing Panties

I am a girl that likes guys wearing panties. My current boyfriend wears panties and I have dated a few other guys wearing panties in the past. Never knew they wore panties when I started dating them, it was just later brought up and it was really no big deal to me that they wore panties in fact I was very much into them wearing panties. I think the guys that I was with that wore panties felt comfortable enough with me to tell me they wore panties. I understand lots of men wearing panties are with women who they feel they are not comfortable telling them they wear panties, but you never know which women will be into guys wearing panties, which ones will not be into guys wearing panties and which ones will eventually be into guys wearing panties given the chance to warm up to the idea. I know there are lots of men wearing panties out there, and lots of women who like men wearing panties and lots of women who would be ok with guys wearing panties if they found out they were with a guy wearing panties. My current boyfriend and I know many couples wearing panties, we like hanging out at this community for men wearing panties that a few other couples wearing panties told us about, the community is and have met so many friends there. We like being around other men wearing panties, other couples wearing panties as they can totally relate to panty wearing and its nice being able to talk with other men wearing panties, couples wearing panties and especially other wifes or girlfriends and talk with them about there husband wearing panties or boyfriend wearing panties. I enjoy talking about my boyfriend wearing panties with others and hearing about other boyfriends wearing panties, or husbands wearing panties.

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