Monday, February 20, 2012

Dating A Woman With Panty Fetish

Once I dated a bi girl who, like me, had a strong fetish for panties. One time she admitted to sniffing and masturbating with our roommates panties, so one time I found a dirty pair of her panties and made my girlfriend wear them out, when no one was looking I'd rub and tease her, this got her really wet. When we got home, I took the panties off her and put them up to her nose and mouth, she loved it. She then got up and layed the panties down on the bed and got into a doggy style position with her ass so high pointed in the air and her head pressed down on the bed into the dirty panties. We had so much fun this way for a long time. Sometimes we both wore our roomates dirty panties and would do oral on each other so we could smell her scent as we did oral on each other, 69 was our favorite position as our roomates panties would be right in our face as we licked and sucked each other.

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