Monday, February 20, 2012

Love Men Who Like My Panties

I love men who love my panties. There is nothing more arousing to me than a man that wants to look down my pants and see my panties, then takes his time arousing me and delighting in seeing the arousal on my panties. That look of desire on your face makes me even wetter. Then touch me thru my panties, you fingers combined with the silky fabric is so erotic. Make me cum for you and I'll soak those panties with creamy honey. If you enjoy savoring the fragrance of my panties and licking the juices off my panties before you slide your tongue or dick into my tight wet spot, I'm yours. I also get off on sliding my warm wet panties on you and seeing you form your own wet spot on my panties, licking precum off my panties while you are wearing gets me dripping wet.

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