Monday, February 20, 2012

Girlfriend Asked Me To Wear Panties

My girlfriend always made comments about panties, and joked about me trying hers on, she had bought me silk boxers to wear to her sisters wedding. She said, knowing I was wearing them made her HOT. A few nights later at my place she came down from the bedroom in just panties and a bra, but holding a pair of blue panties. I new something was up because they were not her size.

She proceeded to tell me how comfortable she was with me and told me a story of catching her past boyfriend in panties.

That turned her on, and she wanted me to wear the panties, I did hesitate, but the look on her face I could tell she was excited. OK I thought as I slipped into the panties. She went nuts, sucked my dick through the panties until I shot my load, she rubbed her face all over the cummy panties. From then on I wore panties, she loved to suck on me through panties and have sex while we both wore panties, it was amazing, she was so kinky.

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