Monday, February 20, 2012

Girlfriend Introduced Me To Wearing Panties

First time I wore panties I was 22. I was at my girlfriends house, we went swimming in her pool. When we got out, she said she would dry my pants and underwear. I asked her what am I going to wear? She told me to follow her. I go to her room and she pulls out a silky string bikini with flowers all over them. I put them on, and I was hooked on wearing panties. She helped me slip them on and before she got them up I was hard as a rock, I still remember her slipping them up and over my hard on and putting her hand over my bulge and touching it. I think she was surprised that I got hard so quick. She continued to rub me through the panties and it was not long I told her to stop otherwise I was going to explode, well she did not stop and she made me cum in her panties. Since then I have worn panties. I love that she introduced me to how good panties feel.

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