Monday, February 20, 2012

Guys In Panties Turn Me On

Back when I was 16 I had changed into my swim suit. We had a pool and we used to change in the down stairs bathroom and then come out to the pool. After about 30 mins I realized I had left my soda in the living room right next to the bathroom. I went back in and walked by the bathroom to the living room and there was my brothers friend with my panties on and playing with himself. I was shocked yet turned on. I was so turned on I ran up to my bedroom and slipped my hand down my swim suit and masturbated. I was so wet, my fingers just slipped right in and were covered with my juices, its the first time I tried tasting myself. He never did know I saw him. I would love to date a guy wearing panties, it would be so much fun and such a turn on.

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