Monday, February 20, 2012

She Wanted To See Me Wearing Panties

I remember one time I was in a tanning salon at the front desk. I was talking to the girl that was running the place, I raised my arms above my head like I was stretching and my shirt came up and she was looking at the waistband of my panties. She looked at me and said those are cute panties, do you wear panties all the time? When I told her I did, she smiled and said sexy. She asked if she could see me in them and we went back to the tanning room and I slipped off my panties and stood there in front of her in panties. Her eyes were glued to my crotch and I could not help but get harder and harder and she noticed I was getting harder. She asked if she could touch and it caught me off guard and after a few moments from the surprise I said if you want to. She reached out and touched me through my panties and my dick twitched, she loved the response that touching me through the panties did. She continue to rub up and down and I had to back away as I was going to cum, she thought she did something wrong and I said no its feeling to good, she smiled. She then started to rub me again and I could not hold off any longer and said I am going to cum, her eyes got wide and she continued as I shot a load of cum in my panties. She said wow that was amazing, you got me so wet making you cum in your panties. For about a year after that we continued to fool around when I came in for tanning, she stroked me through my panties, sucked me through my panties,  and a few times I rubbed my panty covered dick between her ass cheeks and she made me cum.

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