Monday, February 20, 2012

Have Had Several Woman See Me In Panties

I have been very lucky being accepted wearing panties ever since I was younger. The girl across the road caught me wearing her and her sisters panties and let it go without saying anything to anyone and my sister caught me in her panties and let me wear them. Years later my mother in law caught me in her panties and kept it to herself and gave me panties to keep. My wife caught me after i got caught leaving my panties on the dresser at home about a year and a half after we were married. she did not say anything for a couple of days. then she said one day you have been wearing my panties as well haven't you. i could not say no as it was obvious that she knew that i had been wearing hers as well as my panties. so we had a talk and now i wear panties all the time and my wife likes to pick out the panties I will wear and we also enjoy having sex while both wearing panties. With this many woman seeing me in panties and not having a problem with it I am not sure if it was luck or what. I know there are woman out there who like guys in panties and am glad that the woman that caught me in panties where ok with it. I am also happy to be with a wife that enjoys me in panties its made our sex life so much better.

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