Monday, February 20, 2012

Telling Wife I Wear Panties

I have always loved and craved wearing women's panties. I am married and totally straight. I have had to suppress my desire to wear panties and I have always been looking for a solution. It stressed me out that I had to hide my love of wearing panties and I heard of others who were able to wear panties in front of there wife or girlfriend and I always wanted to be them. I searched places that had good ideas for telling your wife about wearing panties. I found this awesome community and found many guys were in the same situation as me but also found that many of them were successful at telling there wifes. I read through many suggestions and success stories as well as stories from others who wished they could tell there wife or girlfriend. So after reading through all the advice I have came up with a way, and it worked amazingly great. I went from never even talking about the idea, to wearing women's panties full time, 24/7 with my wifes acceptance.

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