Monday, February 20, 2012

Tell A Woman You Like Wearing Panties

Recently my girlfriend found my panties in the bathroom and thought I was sleeping around and when I confessed and showed her the ones I had on (purple satin) she believed me and was relieved and perfectly fine with it and it took a big weight off my shoulders and made our relationship so much better. I wish for you guys that have closed minded women that they could be more understanding. They are clothes and it really shouldn't matter, we don't tell them what they can't wear and they wear our clothing all the time. For me panties support me so much better and since I live in the south it gets hot here and NOTHING breaths like microfiber panties. Don't give up hope there are lots of woman out there who like guys wearing panties and there are lots of guys who wear panties willing to help with advice on how to tell your woman you like wearing panties.

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