Monday, February 20, 2012

Wearing Panties In Front Of A Female

As a favor to a friend i went to fix a faucet. she is a good looking girl in her thirties. i had just got started and she said she had to leave for a few. the faucet was a 2 minute job to fix so my attention turned to her laundry hamper, at the top was a pair of dirty black lace panties, the smell was amazing and I put them on and started masturbating when i heard her at the door! We then sat in the kitchen chatting, she thanked me for the repair and i refused payment. as i bent down to put my shoes on i felt her panties riding up above my jeans giving her a clear view of them. a surprised look on her face, she asked are you wearing panties, then she said those look like my panties. I was totally embarrassed and red. I just froze. She asked me to show her. She came closer to me and pulled up my shirt and saw the panties. She did not look upset but more curious. I said yes they are panties and yes your panties, she asked why I was wearing them. I saw them in the bathroom and was curious about them, I picked them up and they excited me. She smiled at me and said oh yeah they excited you. She asked if she could see me in them. She said come on show me. So I undid my pants and dropped them to the floor standing before her in her panties. She looked down and then up at me and smiled and said I see you are still excited. She came closer to me and asked if she could touch them. She did not wait for an answer and she reached out and touched the front the panties I was wearing. I jumped when her hand ran over the front of the panties, she said whats wrong does that feel good, do my panties make you feel good. This is a side of my friend I had never seen before, at the time she had no boyfriend, she is a pretty busy person and has had no time for dating. She again rubbed over the front of the panties and I thought I was going to explode so I stepped back. She followed me and kept rubbing the front of my panties, she said I can tell it feels good, your so hard, and your getting the front of my panties wet with your pre cum. She kept on caressing the front of the panties, moving her hand over and over the front of my hardon. She could tell by how I was backing up all the time that it felt good and that I was about to explode, moments later I exploded inside her panties. Her smile and her eyes got big and she looked at me and said wow you really do enjoy my panties don’t you. It was awesome to have her caress me and make me cum in her panties, I never would have thought this would be happening. After I exploded we both just stood there for a few minutes not saying anything, she said its ok she liked seeing me in panties and liked that I enjoyed her panties. I then went and got cleaned up and took her panties off, she said I could just put them back in the hamper and that if I wanted to take a fresh dirty pair I could. Never thought I would ever have a girl tell me that I could help myself to a pair of her dirty panties. I looked through the hamper and found a silk and lace hi cut style panty and put them in my pocket. She noticed that I did take another pair and said that I hope you enjoy them. I was so over whelmed at what had just happened, here was a friend of mine who saw me in panties and made me explode in them, never thought I would ever get to enjoy that in front of a woman. Since then we have gotten together a few more times, it has never lead to sex but I have received so many panty hand jobs from her both while wearing her panties and with her taking off the panties she is wearing and wrapping them around me. She says it really excites her to see that I enjoy her panties and she likes to make me explode with them. She had even given me another pair of panties to sniff while she is stroking me with or through another pair of panties. I would have never thought this would ever happen, I just went over to fix her faucet.

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