Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Girlfriend Likes Me In Panties

My girlfriend likes that I wear panties. I have always worn panties, since about 12 or so, am 29 now. Grew up thinking I was the only guy wearing panties, and never told anyone about my panty wearing. Past girlfriends never knew I wore panties as I would only wear panties when we were not together. I started hearing more about couples wearing panties, men wearing panties with women, men wearing panties in front of females on this community I came across It looks like several others on here enjoy going to that community also, its a great place that I am glad I found. I read lots of posts from guys on there some of which already were wearing panties with there wife or girlfriend, and others who were looking for suggestions, ideas on how to tell a woman you wear panties. Well I was one that was looking for suggestions and ideas on how to tell my current girlfriend I wore panties. I read lots of posts from both men wearing panties like me that were looking for a way to tell there wife or girlfriend they wore panties and from those that had already told there wife or girlfriend they wore panties. It was great finding a community like and being able ask advice and read advice from so many other men wearing panties. I found some ideas and suggestions that worked for other men wearing panties that I thought would work for me to tell my girlfriend I wear panties. Being around other men wearing panties gave me the confidence and encouragement  to tell my girlfriend I wore panties and now I am able to wear panties in front of her and she likes seeing me wearing panties. There are lots of men out there that were just like me, wanting to wear panties in front of wife, wanting to wear panties in front of girlfriend or wanting to wear panties in front of any female. There are lots of women when told the right way that you wear panties that will be totally fine with you wearing panties. I hope all men wearing panties who are hoping to wear panties with wife, wear panties with girlfriend, wear panties with a female or meet a woman into men wearing panties get to experience how amazing it is to be able to wear panties with a female. Certainly check out that community its an amazing community that I still enjoy visiting and have made lots of great friends there and am thankful for the suggestions, advice and ideas others who wear gave me.

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