Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Couple Wearing Panties

We enjoy wearing panties together and its such a turn on to lounge around in panties, shop for panties, and roll around in the hay as they say in panties together. My husband has always worn panties, and it did not take him long while we were dating to tell me that he wore panties, and then of course show me the panties he was wearing. I felt this tingle and excitement when I seen him in panties and I knew I was totally ok with him wearing panties. No big deal it was only clothing and it certainly did not change who he was. Its exciting to see other couples wearing panties as being able to enjoy playing in panties together is the best feeling for not only my husband but for me as well. We have so much fun wearing panties together.  Its nice when you hear about other men wearing panties being able to wear panties in front of wife, or being able to wear panties in front of a girlfriend, you know the fun and the pleasure they are both going to be experiencing.

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