Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Men Wearing Panties

I have dated several guys wearing panties and I must say that looking back I had the best times, most fun, healthiest relationship, best communication, and most pleasure in the bedroom and outside the bedroom with guys wearing panties versus guys I dated that did not wear panties. Why, I think guys wearing panties are a bit more intune to themselves, perhaps a bit softer and more open to showing a bit more emotion, I guess to put it plainly they are just more real with themselves and with who they are with. Guys wearing panties are certainly not less masculine or anything as the guys I dated were manly men, totally straight, but they just were better, much more down to earth guys, and perhaps they were just more confident in themselves, more intune to themselves. I enjoyed seeing all the men wearing panties I dated, and am not currently dating but I do hope to find another guy wearing panties, luckily there are so many guys wearing panties out there the chances of finding a guy wearing panties is great, but if I do not find one I would consider putting the guy I find into panties as I am sure he would enjoy wearing panties once he tries it as all you guys have mentioned once you wear panties, panties is all you will ever want to wear.

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