Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Women Into Men Wearing Panties

Yes there are women into men wearing panties, however don't expect it to be as easy to find a woman into men wearing panties as seeing an ad from a woman saying looking for men wearing panties, seeking men wearing panties, like men wearing panties, it would be great if it was that easy. I am with a woman that likes that I wear panties but I had no idea she would be ok with me wearing panties and she has no idea she liked guys wearing panties. Finding a woman that likes guys wearing panties just sort of happens, you find a woman, you become comfortable and you tell her you like wearing panties, sounds simple right, well its not quite that simple, it can take time to become comfortable telling a woman you wear panties, certainly a first date is probably not the best time, although some men are open and confident enough wearing panties and expressing it that they do tell a first date they wear panties, some have been lucky to find a woman on that very first date that likes men wearing panties. For many men wearing panties it can take awhile to tell a woman you wear panties, being in a relationship and having that connection and commitment helps for when you tell a woman you like wearing panties, she already knows you, is comfortable with you so when you tell her you wear panties, its much easier for them to accept it and be into it. Finding a woman into men wearing panties is not impossible, so don't give up hope on finding a woman into men wearing panties, but it can take a bit of time, patience and luck. As many women have no idea they will be into a guy wearing panties until the moment you tell them you wear panties, or the moment they see you wearing panties. Its difficult to be turned on by something you have never seen, so a woman has to see you in panties first.

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