Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Husband Wears Panties

My husband wears panties and I have to say I love seeing him wearing panties, and my friends are all jealous because of how much I express the fun we have together in panties. There husbands are all dull and boring and when they hear about how fun, healthy and how much me and my husband are like best friends they get so jealous, all I say to them is put your husbands in panties and he will be so much more relaxed and have less tension. With so many men wearing panties I do wonder if any of there husbands already wear panties and are afraid to tell there wifes. I always say to my husband I am lucky to be with him, and he says no hun I am the lucky one to get to be with a wife that enjoys me wearing panties. Its such a treat to be with a man wearing panties. Its always great hearing from other wifes who like men wearing panties.

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