Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I Like Men Wearing Panties

I am a woman in her late 30's and I like men wearing panties. Am so glad to see so many other women expressing that they like men wearing panties. I introduced my current boyfriend to wearing panties, one night I asked him if he would put on my panties, he asked why and I said because I think you would look good wearing my panties. I helped him put on my panties and when they were all the way up and pressed against him, he just smiled and I said do you like how wearing panties feels and he said yeah your panties feel really good. I then began to rub him through my panties, touching his front and backside, giving his backside a bit of a squeeze, he saw how turned on seeing him in panties and feeling him wearing panties was making me and he got very excited in his panties. Once again he said your panties feel amazing and I said well you look amazing in my panties. That night he stayed in panties and I pleasured him in panties and he got to experience how amazing it feels to wear panties, and to wear panties in front of me as I touched him in panties. Now all he wants to wear is panties, which is perfectly fine by me. We have had so much fun going panty shopping. It feels great introducing a guy to wearing panties.

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