Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Men Wearing Panties Turn Me On

I have to admit seeing a guy wearing panties turns me on. They way panties fit on a guy, how snug they fit, how they stretch around his well you know. And I love seeing guys wearing panties in bright colors, not boring white or black, I like men wearing panties who are confident to wear bright colored panties like pink, blue, yellow, red, purple, with bright pink or hot pink being my favorite to see a guy wearing as the contrast between his tan, toned body and pink panties is such a turn on. I like seeing guys wearing panties in a variety of panties, thong, boyshorts, bikini, string bikini. I just cannot resist touching a guy wearing panties, I think I have a bit of a panty fetish myself as I like looking at other women wearing panties and men wearing panties, and love putting on panties and looking at myself in the mirror. I would love to stand next to a guy wearing panties while we both look in the mirror at each other wearing panties, and turn around and show our backside in panties in the mirror also, how exciting that would be. Wearing matching panties would be so much fun, as well as shopping for matching panties would be so much fun.

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